Code of Conduct

Welcome to Westdale Mall. In order to assist in our efforts to provide a safe, secure and pleasant shopping environment, we ask customers to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Appropriate attire required.
  • Disruptive, disorderly or unlawful behavior and offensive language is prohibited.
  • Loitering is not permitted.
  • Weapons of any kind, including concealed firearms, are not permitted on the property.
  • Soliciting, picketing or literature distribution is prohibited.
  • Advertising, including temporary lawn or window signs, is prohibited.
  • Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of any business.
  • Skateboarding is prohibited throughout the entire site.
  • Rollerblading and bicycling are prohibited on sidewalks.
  • Please use trash receptacles and ashtrays located throughout the property.
  • Possession of open alcoholic beverages is prohibited (except where specifically allowed).
  • Pets or service animals must be on a leash and owners are responsible for clean up.
  • Overnight Parking is prohibited (except for hotel patrons) and subject to towing without notice and at owner’s expense.
  • Tampering with, removing or vandalizing any life safety equipment is not permitted.
  • Any activity that is inconsistent with the general purpose of Westdale is not permitted.
  • Patrons must follow a reasonable request or direction from Mall Management representatives.

Westdale Mall, including all streets, sidewalks and parking lots are private property. Failure to comply with any of these regulations may result in loss of privilege to visit Westdale and/or criminal prosecution.